Pretty little Garden “Pow Wow” with Tea light Fondue Party Menu

What a fun new setting for a wedding, bridal shower, or just a lazy summer afternoon! A tea light party menu for that  perfect little pow wow! ~Amy

What a fun new setting for a wedding, bridal shower, or just a lazy summer afternoon! A tea light party menu for that perfect little pow wow!

Pretty little Garden “Pow Wow”

Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate Truffle Tea Light Fondue with Assorted Summer Berries
( raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries)
piruoline or wafer cookies
*recipe Great Taste Buds

Fresh Raspberry Hibiscus Refresher
*recipe Great Taste Buds

Camembert and Rosemary Crackers
Garnish Fresh edible flowers…..

No Sew Garden Party Teepee

5-6 bamboo 8ft poles ( 6 or 7ft poles can be substituted ) available at your nearest Garden Center
8-9 yards 1inch grosgrain ribbon
1-2 packages 90 inch drapery sheers/netting, from Ikea ( each package contains 2 sheers)
3 fabric pieces, about 2 3/4 -3 yards length each
3 12 inch lengths of ribbon or string

Small lantern, optional
Blanket and pillows

Fabric tent:

With your hands evenly bunch the top edge of one sheer panel, using the short edge of one length of the fabric, continue to gather across adding to the sheer.
While holding tightly, wrap a short length of ribbon around the top leaving about a 4 inch ruffle at the top.
Wrap ribbon around twice, finishing with a knot.
Repeat with another set of fabric and sheer.
The final set will have two sheers and one fabric panel alternating. This one will be located in the back section of the teepee.
Set aside.

Bamboo frame:

Layout bamboo sticks evenly.
Tie a ribbon around the one closest to the left, about 6-8 inches from the top end of the pole. Wrapping the ribbon around the bamboo twice before making a square knot. Leaving about 2 yards overhang on one side, the remaining yardage on the other.
Working tightly, wrap longer length twice around the adjacent pole, tying across, just once, no knot.
Repeat until all poles are tied together, connected.
Finish last pole with a square knot.
Gather poles together in a bunch, stacking on top of one another, like a bundle.
Taking the longer length of ribbon, wrap around bundle 4-5 times tying off into a square knot, then finishing with a bow.

To assemble:

Place bamboo bundle upright, pulling sticks out to form teepee. Evenly pull them out in a circle pattern starting at the left and continuing around. Adjust to balance, leaving a front opening.
Taking an assembled fabric sheer, divide fabric just below the ribbon tie. Hang over the top of one bamboo pole. Repeat with other panels. Until all are hanging evenly around teepee frame.
Taking the front right fabric panel, circle that completely around teepee. Adjusting fabric and sheers to connect, leaving fabric to puddle slightly at the base.

Hang lantern in the inside center of teepee if desired.
Place blankets and pillows inside for comfort.

Idea by Amy Richardson


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