Welcome to Great Taste Buds!  Our brand new site is one day old… Happy Birthday!

I’m thrilled you came to visit us.  I have to say I’m very nervous about all this online stuff… it’s not my forte as you know.  I’m a bit of a technological Neanderthal so I’ll need all the help learning how to share and talk with you online.  Darin is on board and he’s a blast  to work with as you’ll see in our Creme Brulee segment. He’s got some very creative ideas for Halloween and those will be posted in the coming weeks.  It’s always more fun to have friends and family help in the kitchen, right?  And Darin is the best.

As you can see the site is very simple but we have big plans.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  We are going to add Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to our site to share our inspiration to help make you the talk of the entertaining town.  Bookmark the site and come back tomorrow for another video to go with our Monster Halloween Drinks.  This is going to be fun!

Warm kitchens & great food,


PS-  I’m all about rewarding myself for working hard… so I’m going to go get a DC.


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